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Micro-Optics designs, develops, and manufactures state of the art passive fiber optic products for telecom and CATV fiber optic communication systems. The current product focus is on polarization maintaining (PM) as well as polarization insensitive products based on advanced micro-optic filter technology. Products include PM isolators, PM couplers (1x2, 1x4, and 1x8, 1xN), PM-WDM, PM-taps, polarization combiners/splitters for pump and signal applications, polarizers, circulators, and other specialty fiber optic components. The product line also includes polarization insensitive versions of products above.




Micro-Optics is committed to achieving leadership in product performance, innovation, and customer service in enabling specialty state of the art fiber optic products and services.




Micro-Optics is a privately owned and funded small company incorporated in the state of New Jersey. It started its operations in mid 1997 and is located in Hackettstown, NJ.




Micro-Optics maintains a highly talented team, which is very focused, efficient, and resourceful. It has considerable strength and experience in fiber optic product design and engineering, assembly and production tooling and packaging process, design, modeling and analysis tools, all of which contribute to providing quality products with outstanding performance. Micro-Optics has a proprietary position on several key fiber optic products, processes, and tooling.




The current polarization maintaining product categories includes:


·      PM couplers (1x2, 1x4, 1x8, and 1xN)

·       PM-WDM (filter type)

·       PM Tap couplers (filter type)

·       Integrated PM Tap/PM-Isolator

·       Integrated PM-WDM/PM-Isolator

·       Polarization combiners/splitters (for pump and signal applications)

·       PM isolators

·       In-line polarizers

·       Circulators

·       Other specialty PM products


Micro-Optics also provides a polarization insensitive version of the products listed above.




Micro-Optics has attained volume production capacity, which is being continuously expanded. Micro-Optics is ready to serve customers with their volume requirements.


Download Micro-Optics’ master product sheets Download 563kB


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